If you’ve never had a facial, you don’t know what you’re missing. Facials are very relaxing! Plus, many of our clients prefer them over a massage because they feel good AND leave you with glowing skin.

Most of our facial clients come to us seeking clear, healthy skin. Many have sensitive skin and struggle with finding the right skin care products for their needs. The most prevalent skin issues we see during facials are dry dehydrated skin, clogged pores, and breakouts.

So why should you get a facial every month, and what can you expect during your facial? While every treatment is different because everyone’s skin is different, here’s an overview:


First, we ask questions. How do you feel about your skin? What’s your current routine? Do you have any concerns? What products are you using?


Next we analyze your skin, share what we’re seeing, and tell you which products we are selecting and why based on your skin type and issues.


We believe products don’t need to be harsh or full of chemicals to be effective. We begin your treatment with a gentle cleansing to remove any makeup or surface impurities.


Next we massage face, neck, chest and shoulders using a blend of soothing oils. The massage is the most important part of every facial. While it feels amazing the real benefit is what it does.

It continues the cleansing process, stimulates circulation, increasing blood flow and oxygen through the layers of the skin. Massaging pressure points on the face relieves stress, which relaxes the facial muscles for a more youthful look.

Massage also drains lymphatic fluid to reduce puffiness and remove toxins. You’ll not only look better, but you’ll feel better.


Exfoliation is done to remove dead skin cells from the surface and reveal smoother, softer skin. We use a gentle sugar scrub because it can be used on all skin types and for all skin conditions. Sugar is great for the skin. It is naturally antibacterial and increases hydration.


After we exfoliate, we take time to gently extract any clogged pores in order to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Use of professional tools and training is essential to avoid damaging the skin, which can often happen when trying to do this on your own at home.


Masques act as deep conditioners for the skin. All our masques begin with a honey base; honey naturally adds moisture to the skin and is a great healing ingredient. Then we add essential oils, cream, and/or clay to create a custom masque for each client’s needs. To help you relax while your masque is working, we gently massage your arms and hands.


A treatment serum, moisturizer and SPF are then applied to seal in vital moisture and protect the skin from the environment. FYI – the number one product for anti-aging is sun screen! We recommend a gentle mineral-based SPF 30.


Finally, we provide information on the best way to take care of your skin at home, answers to why you are not achieving the results you want, and tips on what to change in your lifestyle for healthier skin.

So why you should get facials?

An experienced esthetician does more for the delicate skin on your face than you can do at home. We have professional tools, products, and oodles of skin care expertise. We’ll recommend changes to your home care routine as the weather changes, and as the needs of your skin change.  Of course, the number one reason you should get a facial each month is because you deserve to relax and be pampered!

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