It’s finally that time of year again when we shed our layers and leggings for shorts and tank tops. Yippee!

But how do we make sure our skin is sun and summer ready? How do we keep our golden tan fresh and glowing? Here are some summer skin care tips to keep your skin in tip top shape all summer.

The 101 of Skin:

The skin is your body’s largest organ. It protects you from the environment, helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat and cold. It also creates a waterproof barrier and keeps the inner organs, muscles, blood vessels and bones bacteria free.

Skin needs two ingredients to function properly: water and oil.

If your skin doesn’t have enough moisture (water) it will be dehydrated. Skin that is lacking moisture is dull, flakey and has a creepy orange peel appearance. Dehydration is caused by the environment, not drinking enough water, and sun damage. Your skin is comprised of 70% water, but unfortunately it can’t produce this moisture itself.

The skin does produce oil naturally, and needs it for strength, elasticity, and to function properly. Oil creates a barrier that holds moisture in. When skin lacks oil it becomes more sensitive, and results in a loss of moisture.

To get the softest smoothest skin, here’s the ideal summer skin care routine:

  1. Exfoliate every time you take a shower with a loofah sponge, textured gloves, or a nice sugar scrub. Bonus Tip: get a professional sugar scrub once a month!
  2. While skin is still damp, apply a moisturizer to your entire body. You may need a thicker cream for hands, feet, elbows or knees.
  3. If your skin is lacking oil, apply a little coconut oil (or oil of your choice) over the moisturizer.

Always wear SPF when outdoors; sunscreen is the one of the best anti-aging products! After sun exposure, be sure to apply extra moisturizer to extend the life of your tan and keep your skin soft and glowing.

If you do overdo it and end up with a burn, aloe can help calm the sting and cool the skin. In a few days resume exfoliation to remove flaky peeling skin. (Never pick at the peeling skin, let it come off with gentle exfoliating pressure.)

Make an effort to spend as much time taking care of the skin on your body as you do on your face. You only get one body and you need your skin to protect it. Follow these summer skin care tips for soft, healthy skin all year long. Taking good care of ALL the skin on your body helps it to stay healthy, firm and supple.