With the summer heat we’re all looking to spend more time at the pool, lake, beach or even a water park just for an opportunity to cool off. But what to do about that unwanted hair?!

You’re familiar with all the usual hair removal methods so you ponder your options…

Shaving every day causes such bad razor burn. And smelly depilatory creams always end up causing a rash or burn. Your friend recommended waxing but you’re afraid… you’ve heard horror stories about bruising, tearing, and how much it hurts.

What’s the deal with shaving?

Shaving is irritating because the blades cut the hair too close to the surface. Sure, you don’t want any stubble, but the sharp hairs will get stuck trying to come through the skin in a day or two. And then you’re left with a rash and blotchy skin that’s also bumpy and prickly. Ugh! Not a good trade off for just a few hair-free hours! Plus, shaving can create tiny nicks in your skin that open you up to infections.

How do depilatory creams work?

Unfortunately they’re chock full of harsh chemicals that melt the hair off at skin level. That’s right, they MELT hair. Is that something you really want to put on your skin? It’s no wonder everyone ends up with a rash or chemical burn. And that sure doesn’t look or feel good.

Why does waxing hurt so bad?

Wax is a resin and needs to be a certain temperature to spread smoothly and keep the bacteria in the can from multiplying. Wax is applied with the hair growth and removed against the growth causing trauma and discomfort to the hair follicle. If the wax is too hot it will burn your sensitive bikini area. Wax will adhere to anything, making it more likely to tear or burn the skin.

And the cold waxes aren’t really any better. They are still applied and removed the same way. Removing the hair backwards causes hair breakage, which in turn is what causes the dreaded ingrown hairs! That’s definitely not the look you want. How can you rock that cute new bikini with all those painful hair bumps? In short, you can’t. So what’s a girl to do?

Try all natural Sugar Hair Removal!

There are no toxic ingredients so it’s great for people with sensitive skin. The taffy-like paste is made of just sugar, water and lemon juice. Sugar paste is warmed only to body temperature, so there’s no burning.

Also, sugaring doesn’t break off the hairs under the skin. The paste is applied against the hair growth and removed in the direction of growth, which means less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs. Sugar paste only sticks to dead skin, so it exfoliates but can’t tear the skin.

As far as pain, sugaring is less than half as painful as waxing. It still is uncomfortable because we are pulling hair out but by the root, but a little discomfort is worth 3 to 5 weeks of a smooth, hair free, bump free bikini line. Don’t forget your underarms and legs. Sugaring is a great solution for those areas as well.

Another bonus: you’ll have less cover up time because you only need 1/8-1/4 inch of growth for follow up appointments.

Try getting sugaring before you leave for vacation and experience the freedom of traveling without a razor! Your confidence will soar as well.

Once you’ve experienced sugaring you’ll never go back to those outdated hair removal methods. Sugaring is simply the sweetest way to remove hair! #GetSugared