The directions on most home beauty products sound pretty easy. But that can be a marketing tactic to entice you to purchase a product.

Take, for example, at-home hair removal kits. They range from wax kits, pre-waxed strips, sugar paste with strips, creams, etc. Rarely are they as simple or effective as they appear. (And more often than not, they become a personal horror story to be shared with your close girl friends. 😬)

1. Horror Stories

You’ve probably heard stories of bruising, problems removing the strip (OMG! How do I get it off?), friends begging their significant other to remove the strip, or soaking in the tub for hours only to end up scraping off the wax along with several layers of skin. Here’s a great example of an at home waxing fail story! Yikes. Some things are better left to those who are trained and licensed.

2. State Requirements

Every state requires estheticians to have between 500-1000 hours of training to work in esthetics or skin care. Missouri requires 750 hours of training in order to ensure estheticians can perform their jobs adequately. In fact, you must be licensed by the state to perform professional hair removal. And the more experience an esthetician has, the better!

Why, you ask? You may be thinking, “If they’re licensed, they must know what they are doing.” And that is true to a degree. But think about when you first started riding a bike: how good were you? Were you able to tackle sharper turns or steeper hills right away?

3. Experience Matters

You’ll probably recall that the more you rode your bike, the easier it became to jump on and take off regardless of terrain. Well the same is true for removing hair. There’s a learning curve, especially in the very delicate bikini area.

Unfortunately, many of the “corporate box hair removal spas” hire estheticians right out of school, give them a brief overview of what’s expected, and then throw them out on the floor with insufficient training. This often results in providing a terrible hair removal experience.

Profit > People

Of course, this is not intentional on the part of the service provider. They simply didn’t receive enough on-site training and have not had time to gain experience. Why does this happen? Because most large corporate spas are not in the spa business because they love their clients; they’re in it to make as much money as they can.

Their business plan is to get clients in and out the door as quickly as possible to maximize their profit per day. While it is nice to have your hair removal service be quick so you can go on with your day, there’s more to it than that. You also want a compassionate, thoroughly trained, professional who has experience removing hair from the most delicate areas of your body. These types of hair removal places often have a high rate of turn-over, and who wants a revolving door of strangers for such an intimate service?

4. Training + Connection

This is exactly why I have sugaring apprentices and put the focus on building relationships. I’d much rather have one client for 10 years, then 10 new clients who only come in once.

When I train new team members, it’s a very hands-on process that lasts 3-4 months or longer. The first month they begin by observing me as I perform hair removal on each body area. They also spend a lot of time practicing on themselves and each other!

In the second month they begin to assist me on easy body areas and start to learn the specific strategies associated with becoming a qualified sugaring practitioner. By the third month they are performing some services on their own and gaining additional experience.

And by the fourth month they are finally ready to perform bikinis and Brazilians on their own. Their first clients are given a significant discount as the sugaring apprentice gains much needed experience. They will continue to perfect their technique for an additional two months, and ideally, throughout their career.

Ditch the DIY!

So if you’ve tried at-home hair removal with dismal results, or gone to a “big box spa” and had a rippingly terrible experience, it’s time to do your homework. Google professional Sugar Hair Removal, and learn more how sugaring compares to other forms of hair removal.

When performed by an experienced hair removal expert, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Your Brazilian will not only be more tolerable, but you’ll be so happy with the results: super soft and smooth, hair-free, bump-free skin!

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