Bumps, rashes, and red spots! Oh, my!

It’s bikini season again and many people are back to fretting about hair removal. All you want is smooth hair-free skin, yet why is that so hard to achieve?

Almost everyone I see complains about ending up with a rash after they shave. A comment I hear every day in the spa is, “Ugh! How do I get rid of ingrown hair bumps and this awful itchy rash?”

So why does this happen? Let’s talk for a minute about what causes these problems.


Your bikini area is comprised of very sensitive skin, and typically, pubic hair is coarse and curly. The number one reason for ingrown hairs is that the thick hair curls back under the skin instead of out.

Simply put, an ingrown hair is one that is trapped under the surface of the skin and isn’t able to come out of the follicle properly. The longer the hair stays trapped the more likely it will create a small infection because bacteria are trapped in there as well. Now you have a red, painful bump.


Meanwhile, razor burn is a skin irritation caused by shaving. Shaving also creates more ingrown hairs than other methods of hair removal because razors cut too close to the skin, leaving behind sharp hairs that try to squeeze through tiny follicles when they grow back. They get stuck and voilà – bumpy, unsightly skin. So ditch the razor if you’re prone to ingrown hairs.  

Likewise, all waxing techniques remove the hair against the follicle. This can cause the hair to break off and not be completely removed, as well as result in follicle distortion which prevents the new hair from being able to grow out. It doesn’t matter if it’s soft, hard or strip wax, this method of hair removal will still result in more irritation and ingrown hair bumps. 


This is why sugar hair removal is such an attractive option. The sugar paste is applied against the hair and then hair is removed in the direction growth. By pulling the entire hair out without damaging the follicle, all you’re left with is smooth hair-free skin.

In addition to proper hair removal techniques, I do recommend that you gently exfoliate the area when showering to remove dead skin cells that can block hair follicles. You also should apply a light lotion each day to keep the area hydrated so new hair can get through more easily. 

Ladies, shaving and waxing are old-school. Sugaring is the only way to go! You deserve long-lasting smooth, hair-free skin without irritation or discomfort.  

P.S. Learn more about razor burn, how to prevent it, and how to treat it here.