It goes without saying that your bikini area is sensitive, so you don’t want just anybody down there performing hair removal. And because it is such an intimate service, a Brazilian or Bikini service can be intimidating the first time. Plus, many first-timers are concerned about feeling embarrassed, and the level of discomfort involved.

(Check out our FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions about sugaring hair removal!)

To help ensure your comfort and a good experience, here are some questions you may want to ask, research online, or otherwise keep in mind when choosing a hair removal provider:


1. What is the spa’s reputation?

How many positive reviews do they have? How long have they been in business? How long have they been providing hair removal? How do they respond to customer complaints?


2. How experienced are their practitioners?

How are they trained, and for how long (days, weeks, months)? How experienced are they in hair removal specifically? How long have they been with the spa? How likely are you to get the same service provider each time?


3. Will your privacy and comfort be respected?

Do they offer wipes to freshen up before your service? Are you given time to change without the provider in the room? Are you provided a privacy drape? 


4. Is the room clean and comfortable?

Does it feel spa-like with quiet music, a nice aroma, a comfortable service table, and soft towels? Or does it feel more clinical like a doctor’s office? (Nobody enjoys hopping up on the OB-GYB’s cold, paper-covered table!)


5. What is your practitioner like?

Is she personable? Does she do anything to acknowledge or help minimize your discomfort? Is she curious to learn more about you, and keep you talking as a distraction? Or is she droning on about packages, products, and sales pitches?


All of these factors can contribute to whether you receive a high quality service, or not. Of course, when searching for a great hair removal provider, it’s also a good idea to ask your friends where they go. Do they have any good referrals for you?

Likewise, if you have a great experience make sure you share it with your friends! #GetSugared #BetterThanWax