Hair removal isn’t just for women, and it’s no longer considered just a pampering spa service. For many people, removing hair is a necessary part of personal grooming. There are many situations where men want to remove body hair.

Hair removal for men reasons:

  • Performance. Cyclists, body builders, runners, swimmers, gym enthusiasts and other athletes regularly remove hair.

  • Confidence. Excess body hair may affect self-esteem; men want to feel comfortable with how they look.

  • Personal Hygiene. Hair can hold sweat and body odors. Feeling clean is a big deal.

  • Aesthetics. Some men just don’t like how being hairy looks (in clothes or out of them!).

  • Preference. Healthy, smooth skin isn’t just for women!

The best solution for men’s hair removal

It doesn’t matter what reason men want hair gone, they all want a solution that’s quick, relatively painless, and doesn’t cause more problems. Unfortunately, shaving sensitive areas can cause chafing and irritation, and the results don’t last long. Ingrown hairs are uncomfortable and unsightly.

Conversely, sugaring doesn’t cause the irritation that shaving does and lasts much longer, typically 3 to 5 weeks. It also is less painful than waxing, and is gentle on tender nether regions.

Sugaring is a much better alternative for hair removal than shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams! (Read more about how other hair removal methods compare to sugaring here.)

The most popular areas for men are the back, chest, shoulders, and the groin area. Some also like to remove underarm, nostril, and ear hairs. From my experience, the most sensitive area for men is definitely the upper chest.

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A few tips from a sugaring hair removal expert:

  1. If you’re removing hair for a sunny vacation, make sure to have the service performed three to four days before you leave, especially if removing hair from an area that’s exposed to the sun.

  2. If you want a glow before you go, make sure to #GetSugared first. The sugaring process will remove your tan!

  3. Wait to use that self tanner or get that spray tan until at least one day after your hair removal service. BONUS: your skin will be smooth, exfoliated, and perfectly prepped to absorb the tan more evenly!

New to Sugaring Hair Removal for Men? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and learn how to prepare for your first visit.