You may already be embracing sweaters, jeans, boots and other Fall styles, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your regular hair removal routine!

Aside from convenience and the comfort we experience in being hair-free, there are other reasons to #GetSugared through the cooler months. For starters, you’ll keep all the benefits you’ve achieved over the summer including reduced hair growth, finer / lighter hair growth, and fewer (if any) ingrown hairs!

When you remove hair regularly, you catch a specific growth cycle each time, which means you’ll grow a lot less hair in those areas in the long-run. If you decide to pause or lengthen the time between visits, you won’t get the results you want.

Once you get past 5 weeks from your last hair removal appointment, you’re in-between growth cycles. The goal is to remove the hair and scar the follicle so the hair comes back finer and thinner. If there is always a hair in the follicle this can’t happen.

Other reasons to keep sugaring even when you’re not showing as much skin:

  1. Hair doesn’t stop growing just because you’re wearing cozy layers. Most likely, having a layer of fuzz under your clothes doesn’t give you the same level of confidence that being smooth does.

  2. Slipping into something sexy doesn’t feel as nice when you’re on a hair removal hiatus.

  3. Although this is a weird year for travel, weekend getaways are still a thing. Make sure you’re prepared for any last minute deals or hotel hot tubs.

  4. The holidays are fast approaching and you don’t want anything but silky skin in that fantastic costume or festive dress.

  5. You already know razor burn and ingrown hairs aren’t for you. Sugaring is still the best way to remove hair for sensitive skin like your bikini line.

The bottom line is this: there are plenty of reasons to keep up with your regular hair removal routine through the fall and winter! You get to keep your smooth, hassle-free skin so you won’t have to start all over when you’re ready to break out the shorts and skirts next spring. Plus, a consistent sugaring hair removal schedule results in easier maintenance and less discomfort for you.

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