Maybe you’ve been going to a national chain wax center for hair removal since you were young. After all, the big name wax center has a lot of locations, and there are not that many hair removal options where you live. Sadly, waxing is all you’ve known despite having sensitive skin.

I hear this from new sugaring clients ALL the time. They weren’t aware that there is another hair removal option that’s much gentler on their skin, and didn’t know sugaring is an alternative to waxing until a friend told them.

Hair Removal Options

The method of hair removal makes a difference especially for people with sensitive skin. Sugaring is all natural and does not irritate like waxing can. Nor does it cause ingrown hair bumps, torn skin, or burns. (See a comparison chart of Sugaring vs. Waxing plus other options here.)

Unfortunately, waxing can cause all of those unpleasant side effects. While some people have no issues at all, others have allergic reactions to the resins in the wax and end up with unsightly and uncomfortable rashes.

8 Reasons to Choose Sugar Spa STL over the National Wax Chain

In addition to providing a better hair removal service that will give you better results for your sensitive skin…

  1. We provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all your hair removal needs. Our space will soothe your senses with soft light, relaxing music, calming scents, and a padded table with real towels. The National Chain Wax Center has a much more clinical setting, and covers their service tables with paper. Not very comfy!

  2. We value your comfort and privacy and always leave the room while you change. This isn’t the case at the national wax center. Their hair removal service providers stay in the room while you disrobe, which can be unnerving.

  3. We utilize a privacy towel during your hair removal service to ensure your modesty is always respected. This way the rest of you is covered while we’re working on a specific area. The national wax center does not use a privacy drape and some clients may feel they’re “on display” the whole time.

  4. We make sure to allow enough time for your hair removal service so that you receive high quality results. We take our time both to ensure your comfort, and to remove as much hair as possible. We’ll even get out the tweezers if there are a few stray hairs left behind. We pride ourselves on our attention-to-detail and making sure you leave hair-free!

    The national wax center locations have to adhere to a strict appointment schedule with shorter service windows since their goal is to cram in as many appointments each day as possible. This can cause more discomfort during the service if your provider is rushed, as well as leave you with hair left behind.

  5. Experience matters, too. Our hair removal expert Linda has been a Licensed Esthetician for 19 years and has over 11 years experience with sugaring hair removal and other hair removal options.

    Service providers at the national wax center are typically just out of school and have received minimal on the job training. Attrition is high, as many new estheticians work at one of the wax centers to get experience and then move on. This means that not only are you getting an inexperienced hair removal provider, but you probably won’t have the same person for very long.

  6. During your hair removal service, we educate you about your skin, what you can do at home to ensure the best possible hair removal results, the cycles of hair growth, the best hair removal schedule for you, product recommendations for your specific concerns and skin type, and more. Providers at the national wax center have a captive audience and a scripted talk to follow in order to promote their packages and products.

  7. After your hair removal service, we use a warm, damp towel to remove any sugar paste residue and apply a moisturizing lotion to the skin. At the national wax center, you’re going to leave feeling sticky and possibly sore from the trauma to your skin.

  8. Sugar Spa STL is locally owned by Linda Hoff, who has a passion for helping clients feel good about their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. She has been providing sugaring hair removal to clients who weren’t a good candidate for waxing since 2009. The national wax center is a chain with many locations across the country; they are not locally owned and are only in business for financial gain.

Lastly, even if you find other hair removal options for sugaring, there are many intangible differences as well that keep clients coming back to Sugar Spa STL. We provide personal attention, and strive to make the service as pleasant as possible.

In addition to our inviting spa environment, we truly care about each client as person, and want to get to know you better. We’ll ask about you in an effort to learn more about your life, family, or career. In fact, Linda excels at distracting you with good conversation so you won’t even notice any discomfort.

If you don’t live in the St. Louis area, here are some questions you may want to ask, research online, or otherwise keep in mind when choosing a hair removal provider to help ensure your comfort and a good experience.