There are many ways to reduce the discomfort of professional hair removal. For starters, be realistic about what you expect to feel. Remember, hair is being pulled out from the root so there WILL be some level of discomfort. Also, keep in mind that you chose to have this service. This will not be the worst thing you’ve ever felt in your life.

The good news is that sugaring hurts considerably less than other hair removal methods! In addition, the majority of hair removal discomfort is within your control to manage. The degree of pain you feel can be greatly diminished by following these simple steps:

1. Be prepared for it to be uncomfortable. Hair is attached and growing. You will feel it as it’s removed. Frame it as “pain with a purpose” if that helps. The discomfort lasts only a short time and you’ll be hair free for a month!

2. Prep your skin properly. Exfoliate regularly in the shower at least one week prior to your appointment. Moisturize daily with a hydrating lotion, not oil. Note: don’t apply any lotion the day of your service. 

3. Make sure your hair is long enough. You need at least a 1/4”which is typically ten days to two weeks of hair growth. The sugar needs something to grab, and short hair hurts more to remove. And, yes I can tell if you only have three days’ worth. As a professional I can gauge hair growth regardless of what you tell me. 😉

4. Listen and follow your service provider’s instructions to reduce discomfort. After all she is a licensed trained professional who doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable. For example:

  • Pull the skin tight to reduce discomfort
  •  Lay flat on the table. Lifting your body upwards makes it hurt more.
  •  Moving your legs around/flailing will cause you more pain.
  •  Bringing your knees together will not give the service provider enough room to work, which makes it take longer, hurt more, and could injure the person performing your service.

5. Remember to breathe. Long slow breaths in AND out. Holding your breath makes it hurt more.

6. Taking Advil / ibuprofen one hour prior to your service can help reduce discomfort. (Numbing creams don’t work; save your money.)

7. Don’t tense up, it makes the hair harder to remove.

8. Anticipating the next pull and jumping before you’re touched won’t help. It just makes your service take longer.

9. Make sure your provider is a trained and EXPERIENCED professional. Here are 5 questions to ask to find a great hair removal provider

Sugar Spa STL is locally owned by Linda Hoff, who has a passion for helping clients feel good about their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. She has been providing sugaring hair removal to clients who aren’t a good candidate for waxing or shaving since 2009.