There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re new to receiving hair removal services. These guidelines often apply to large franchise waxing spas, but are especially relevant to your small, local, sole-proprietor sugaring spas as well.


  1. Check the website. Most hair removal spas have a website that details their services, pricing, booking options, policies, and FAQs. Check there first before texting, calling, or emailing a question. Many small spas don’t have a receptionist, and can only return messages in between appointments.

  2. Make your own appointment. Each client must have their own appointment booked under their name for liability reasons (e.g., medical contraindications). Hair removal is a personal service so your spa appointment should be looked at the same as going to see your doctor or dentist.

  3. Confirm your appointment. If you receive a reminder text or email a couple days before asking you to confirm, make sure to do so. If not, the appointment may be cancelled by the provider so that time slot can be filled by someone else.

  4. Shower. If you’re receiving a hair removal service, especially a bikini service, make sure to come to your appointment with clean skin. Coming straight from the gym without showering is not appropriate. If coming from work, bring wipes to freshen up.

  5. Arrive early. Showing up for your hair removal appointment 5 to 10 minutes early allows you time to find a place to park, use the restroom, freshen up, and fill out any paperwork before your appointment begins.

  6. Call or text the spa if you’re going to be late for your appointment. Make sure to leave a message that you’re running behind along with the time you expect to arrive. 

  7. Turn off your phone. Leave it in your bag or on the chair. Typically, no filming, recording, photos or use of phones are allowed in treatment rooms while services are in progress.

  8. Leave a tip to show your appreciation if your service was performed well. The service provider removing your bikini hair deserves the same percentage you would leave for a good dinner.

  9. Cancel or reschedule in advance. If you have a conflict, opening up your appointment slot gives another client the opportunity to come in and allows the provider to receive income for that time. (FYI – most service providers are paid by commission only, which means they only get paid when services are provided to clients.)


  1. Ask a provider to change their schedule. The appointment slots you see on the booking app or online calendar are all that’s available. If they’re booked solid, calling won’t create availability. The spa hours are what they are, and the provider won’t come in early or stay late to accommodate you. Tip: check the appointment system every day if you like to see if any new times have opened up due to cancellations!

  2. Shave. The sugar paste or wax has to have something to grab onto to pull the hair out by the root. You may be charged for the session even if there’s not enough hair to remove since someone else was unable to book that time slot.

  3. Bring kids. Due to safety concerns, children and babies are typically not allowed in treatment rooms, nor can they be left unattended in the waiting area. So if your babysitter falls through, contact the spa to see if they allow children or if you need to reschedule.

  4. Cancel last minute. You may consider cancelling your appointment the day of if you find something better to do, but that is someone’s livelihood you’re hurting. Please don’t.

  5. No Show. Ghosting your service provider is the biggest “no-no” of all. Please be respectful and cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance. If you don’t, expect to be charged a fee. It can be any amount up to the actual service price in order to cover the service provider’s time and lost income.

Finally, please remember, if you don’t respect your service provider’s time they may decide to “fire” you as a client. Multiple instances of showing up late, cancelling last minute, or not providing a valid credit card to hold your appointment are all valid reasons for your service provider to refuse to book you for future services. Following these 14 Hair Removal Spa Etiquette tips will ensure you achieve “favorite client” status!

Sugar Spa STL is locally owned by Linda Hoff, who has a passion for helping clients feel good about their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. She has been providing sugaring hair removal to both women and men in the greater St. Louis area since 2009.