Here are the Fall skin care tips you need to ensure your skin both looks and feels better!

As temperatures drop, the cold air outside and the heated air inside depletes your skin’s natural moisture due to lower humidity. Hot showers, roaring fires, biting winds, and fragrant soaps can all take a toll as well.

In order to remain healthy all year long, your skin needs moisture to stay supple and oil to help retain the moisture. Also, exfoliation is necessary to remove dead surface cells.

Why Does it Matter?

Dry skin can be cracked, red, irritated, and even painful. No fun!

If you don’t stay on top of your skin care regimen, you will experience more ingrown hairs because your skin is drier.

In addition, hair removal such as waxing and sugaring will be more painful. Make sure to be more diligent about exfoliation and lotion during the Fall and Winter so you can have the most comfortable experience possible.

How to Moisturize

Almost all of us have dehydrated skin caused by environmental conditions and not drinking enough water. Add in seasonal skin damage and we need all the help we can get!

Apply a lotion or cream while your skin is slightly damp from the bath or shower. Then apply a layer of body oil to hold in the moisture and prevent evaporation.

Even if you don’t shower every day, it is still advisable to apply a lotion or moisturizing cream, and during the winter, oil a minimum of once per day. Very dry skin will benefit from both a morning and evening application.

How to Exfoliate

Exfoliation can be done many different ways, and everyone should include this healthy habit in their daily routine. Dry brushing before showering removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and moves lymphatic fluid.

Other ways to exfoliate include loofahs, textured cloths and granular scrubs. All methods are effective so it really comes down to personal preference as to which one to choose. Exfoliation should be done each time you take a shower or bath.

Keep in Mind

People who receive waxing or sugaring hair removal services may feel more discomfort during the colder months due to dry skin. However, my sugaring clients who follow these Fall skin care tips — exfoliate and moisturize on a regular basis! — don’t have this issue; the hair just slides right out!

Sugar Spa STL is locally owned by Linda Hoff, who has a passion for helping clients feel comfortable in their own skin. She has been providing sugaring hair removal services to both women and men in the greater St. Louis area since 2009.