Don’t DIY: top 4 reasons to avoid at-home hair removal

The directions on most home beauty products sound pretty easy. But that can be a marketing tactic to entice you to purchase a product. Take, for example, at-home hair removal kits. They range from wax kits, pre-waxed strips, sugar paste with strips, creams, etc....

DIY hair removal horror stories

How Other Hair Removal Methods Compare to Sugaring

With the summer heat we’re all looking to spend more time at the pool, lake, beach or even a water park just for an opportunity to cool off. But what to do about that unwanted hair?! You're familiar with all the usual hair removal methods so you ponder your options......

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How to Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best This Summer

It’s finally that time of year again when we shed our layers and leggings for shorts and tank tops. Yippee! But how do we make sure our skin is sun and summer ready? How do we keep our golden tan fresh and glowing? Here are some summer skin care tips to keep your skin...

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Why You Should Get a Monthly Facial

If you’ve never had a facial, you don’t know what you’re missing. Facials are very relaxing! Plus, many of our clients prefer them over a massage because they feel good AND leave you with glowing skin. Most of our facial clients come to us seeking clear, healthy skin....

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How to take care of ALL your skin

Here at Sugar Spa STL we take full body skin care very seriously. When most of us think about skin care, we probably think about our face, and maybe our neck. We often overlook that our entire body has a layer of skin, too. Did you know that skin is an organ? In fact,...

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