How does sugaring compare to other methods of hair removal?

Let’s take a look…

Sugaring vs. Waxing

Not only does sugaring get rid of unwanted hair with less discomfort than waxing, it also leaves your skin feeling smoother, longer. You won’t be left with razor burn, rashes, redness or irritation AND it also helps promote the reduction of hair growth over time. Plus, since the sugar is removed in the same direction the hair grows – not against like with waxing – you’ll have much fewer (if any) ingrown hairs!

Here’s a handy chart that highlights the main differences:

Sugaring vs. Shaving and Cream Depilatories

Here are some unfortunate side effects you may experience if you shave, wax or use a cream like Nair:

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Shaving can cause:

Nicks and cuts
Unsightly rashes
Ingrown hair bumps
Raw, irritated skin
Bacterial infections
Regrowth in just a day or two
Prickly, sharp hair regrowth
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Waxing can cause:

Burns and/or tears to the skin
Allergic reactions to resins & artificial ingredients
Bacterial infections from cross contamination
More pain than necessary because the wax is hot
Follicle distortion from removing hair backwards
Ingrown hair bumps from hair breakage under skin
Intense pain and trauma to the treated area
Stop using cream depilatories - get sugared at Sugar Spa STL!

Cream depilatories can cause:

Allergic reactions
Unsightly rashes

For incredibly soft, smooth skin that’s hassle-free for 3 to 5 weeks

STOP shaving and waxing!

Sugaring vs. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an expensive procedure that may or may not provide permanent hair removal. Results vary based on skin and hair color, the type of laser used, and the technician’s skill. (Fun fact: we have multiple clients who come in for sugaring on areas where they’ve had regrowth after 12+ laser treatments!)  Additionally, many people are just not a candidate for this process due to skin color, hair color or because of certain health conditions.

So, to recap… sugaring removes hair in the direction of growth, making it less painful; it removes more of the hairs without breaking them off under the skin for less unsightly bumps; and because it’s all natural (sugar, water and lemon juice) and body temperature, there is no chance of burns or tearing. Gentle and effective, Sugaring Hair Removal is the best way to remove unwanted hair.

Once you try sugaring, you'll never go back

to those other inferior, time consuming, and risky methods of hair removal.